Simple Concept for Fixing iPAD's Lousy Typing

It’s hard to write elegantly on the iPad, to hone your word choice with an edge of only the strongest, most specific verbs. Hell, it’s hard just to type a proper curse word without autocorrect getting in the way. But what if it could be different? What if iPad typing were as easy as real typing?

Hooper Selection is an iPad interface concept by Georgia Tech student Daniel Hooper. He’s so excited about the project that he not only coded and filmed the demo software; he built a Wikipedia page on the technique.

It’s a simple as this: You type normally at all times. But if you want to move the cursor, just drag your finger around the keyboard, and the cursor moves with it. If you want to drag faster, you use two fingers to move the cursor. And, most usefully, if you want to highlight a word to edit it, just hold shift while cursoring and you’ll highlight it.

Lets see whether he can make up some app like this or not.

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