How to Access Linux Partitions from Windows

I started using Linux around 2 years back and i just love it. Though it is not as user friendly as Windows but still it supports my programmer side. But i am also very much dependent on Windows as most of my games don't run on linux (even with Wine).

So currently i have both Windows 7 and Linux installed on my PC. Both OS are running perfectly fine. But sometime there are certain situations arise when i have to access some files from the other OS's partition.

Linux can access files from the Windows partition, but the linux partition is not accessible from Windows. This is a very critical problem as you will be forced to shut down and access that files after logging into Linux.

If you are facing the same problem then you can take help from the blog HowtoGeek which is a very popular blog among Geeks. HowtoGeek has provided 3 possible ways in whcih you can access Linux partition from WIndows. [Link]

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